Electric bikes (or e-bikes) are becoming more popular than ever. These days, we’ll usually catch one cycling down a lane and maybe admire these futuristic bikes’ sleek, modern design. If you don’t already own one, I can give you several reasons why you should, but, for starters, I’ll only use two words.

Traffic Jams.

Big cities are fun, but their streets not so much. If you were ever stuck in traffic, especially during peak hours, I’m sure you know how frustrating it has to be. Being stuck ruins everything; even the sunniest days turn cars into hot ovens. The only thing you can do about it is to sit, try to entertain yourself, and wait.

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Bikes don’t have to deal with that. Instead of waiting in line for hours on end, they can zoom past the cars and get where they need to be on time. They enjoy the cool winds and warm sunshine to the fullest and never have to deal with annoying honking, waiting, and boredom.

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However, there are some things that regular bike riders have to deal with. Unlike cars, bicycles take serious leg work to get going. With these big, modern cities come significant distances, and your destination can be multiple miles away in both directions, which can be very difficult to deal with. Many people used to opt out of riding bikes in the first place because it was just so taxing, slow, and less convenient than regular vehicles.

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Luckily for us, with modern lives come modern technologies. Regular bicycles are increasingly being replaced with e-bikes and, when you look into it, it’s no wonder why. The average person can reach around 10-14 mph on a bike if he tries. On the other hand, E-bikes can achieve double the speed of 28 mph! For half the effort but double the speed, getting to that point with an e-bike instead is what separates it from the bikes of the older generation. It will be the difference in not dealing with a sweaty shirt, extremely sore legs, and, most importantly, time wasted.

It’s not just the distance that’s the problem. There are also high hills and dirt roads, which many bike riders dread at the mention. Many people will hop off and push their bikes until they’re up at the top when they come across it. The modern e-bikes solve this issue, such as Mokwheel’s Tor Plus, since they come with shock-absorbing suspension forks and 750W motor torques that help with bumpy and steep roads. You shouldn’t have to pause your ride just because of some hill and, with modern tech, you won’t need to anymore.

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There are still many more reasons behind their popularity. They’re an environmentally friendly option with a modern design that never pollutes. If you work in delivery, they’re a great and (at least) four times cheaper alternative to a motorcycle or a scooter. You can ride them anywhere, across any terrain, and explore places that four-wheelers can’t reach. Of course, it’s also just a good exercise that burns off calories without the person even feeling it at the end of the day. E-bikes are a perfect way to get stuff done and become healthier while making the world a better place.

Still unsure on whether it’s worth it? Here’s what one experienced biker has to say:

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“My Dutch thigh muscles, trained over many years of cycling 70-150 km a week, are almost always outclassed by a granny on an e-bike. Having that not happen anymore would be the sole reason for getting an e-bike myself.”