What is the best way to create the name of a business? 

 October 12, 2022

Turbologo is a proven generator that is used for making company names. The choice of a name for a business is the first step for the creation of brand. It is based on the consumer will be treated by the business and the goods it provides. So, the naming process should be taken seriously. Startups looking for an appropriate name for their business must conduct thorough study and come up with a complete name. It is possible that you will require the following suggestions for naming your company correctly:

  1. The company’s name must be simple to pronounce and to remember. Images are especially appropriate for company names as people are able to recall words that trigger images in their minds.
  2. Naming should be simple to comprehend and clear. It is ideal for a brand to be able to benefit the consumer.
  3. If you’re looking for the name of your company be sure to avoid abbreviations. Particularly for startups in business which aren’t well-known the name should be able to show what the company is all about.
  4. The name should not create negative association. When searching for a name for your business and you are looking for a neutral term, make sure to use neutral words. It might be beneficial to begin a questionnaire with potential clients or with your acquaintances.
  5. Be sure the name is unique and not being utilized by other companies. This can be verified via the Internet.
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Methods to think of the perfect name

In reality, everything that is innovative is a matter of common sense. The long history of famous names proves that the most successful businesses were named based on fairly straightforward rules. Let’s look at the most effective methods of creating names!

  • The name is derived from that of the person who founded the business. It is one of the most well-known methods of naming, where the name is determined by the surname or name of the person who founded the business. There are numerous example: Ford, McDonald’s, Procter & Gamble.
  • Combining words. Utilizing different words and their distinct components are able to create entirely new words that are suitable for the brand name. For instance, Adidas from the name and surname of creator Adi Dassler.
  • Generator websites. These are websites which allow you to automate the generation of different names, taking into consideration the direction taken by the company’s operations, along with other factors. The most well-known names generators available is Turbologo. You can create a perfect name for your business in only two steps. Simply type in your desired keywords in the search box. Turbologo provides the perfect dose of inspiration for your creative ideas and the latest design that will complement your concepts.
  • Alliteration. It is easier to remember a name if it contains rhyme, soundor particular rhyme or repetition which are all the characteristics that the brain of humans. For example: Coca-Cola, M&M’s, Chupa-Chups, Shake’n’bake, Motorola, etc.
  • Associations. When you choose the best association, template or stereotype to which the company’s name is connected, you can enjoy quality naming, fast recognition and lasting. It could be a variety of movie or historical characters, animals or plants or the names of planets, and so on. (For example: Puma, Red Bull, Bounty, Jaguar, etc..)
  • Abbreviations. This is particularly useful when there is no other way to keep long names. Good examples are: BMW (Bayerische Motoren WerkeAG), IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd).
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Naming can be a lengthy process. The name could represent significance and values that can be a positive sign for the business, that is the basis for the identity and strategy for communication will be designed in the near future.

Naming involves several steps simultaneously. To come up with a great name, first you need to research the market and then only after that, you can come up with concepts. Remember that no matter how good the name of your brand is it is still susceptible to being damaged by the quality of services, image, or product.


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