A wall mounted metal shelving is a universal collapsible structure, which is used for temporary storage and permanent storage of various goods. They are bought for a warehouse, trade, manufacturing and logistics companies, libraries and archives, garages and service stations, for offices and private homes. If the area and layout of the premises allow, you can order wall mount shelving for static installation, and for trading floors of a limited area, mobile structures (island or wall-mounted) are more suitable, which can be rearranged if necessary.


Stainless steel wall shelves are made of stainless steel, which does not give in to deformation and does not wear out over time, as happens with other materials. At the same time, open hanging shelves for the kitchen provide direct access to the objects placed on them. So, the staff of a restaurant, bar or cafe does not have to look for what they need in the lockers, wasting time and making a mess.

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How to Choose Stainless Steel Wall Shelves for the Kitchen?

To buy a wall mounted metal shelving, consider the features of the room. It should be based on the available space, as well as plan its use in advance. Convenience, reliability and good quality are the components that entrepreneurs are guided by when choosing professional equipment for cafes, bars, hotels, restaurants and other public catering places.  Therefore, most self-respecting owners of such establishments prefer stainless steel furniture. The main advantages of stainless steel wall shelves:

  • Organization of useful space without taking up extra space.
  • They are easy to wash and clean.
  • This material is corrosion resistant, strong and durable.
  • Large maximum load weight.
  • They are harmless and do not emit toxic substances, direct contact with food is allowed.
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Another reason to buy wall mounted metal shelving is the ability to replace bulky and uncomfortable wall cabinets so as not to pull the doors in search of the desired item. In terms of size, hinged metal wall shelves have a very large range. It is also possible to manufacture shelves with several working surfaces — single-tier, two-tier, three-tier.

Stainless steel wall shelves should be roomy enough. When talking about average professional kitchens, stainless kitchen shelves are usually ordered in quantities of four or more pieces.And ordinary cabinets, as in a home kitchen, do not always cope with this task. Therefore, if you want to order high-quality and at the same time practical hanging storage options for the kitchen of your restaurant, cafe or dining room, stainless steel hanging shelves will be the best solution.

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A professional two-level wall-mounted shelf for public catering will allow you to properly place kitchen utensils and provide temporary storage of plates and glasses in any required quantity. Structures made of food grade stainless steel are indispensable elements in the arrangement of auxiliary and industrial premises in the field of public catering. In addition, they are characterized by functionality, practicality and long service life. As you know, the more comfortable the kitchen, the more delicious food.