Almost everyone has heard about virtual private networks (VPNs) due to us being subjected to the constant bombardment with advertisements for this product, coming from every single aspect throughout our day.

We have all been there – scrolling through social media or watching a video on YouTube when suddenly a sponsored segment appears, talking about a particular VPN service and how and why you need to invest in protecting your privacy.

While we do tend to skip over these ads and simply continue listening, watching or reading, it is important to note that even though those ads can be quite annoying, they do have a point – our privacy is constantly being intruded by others – be it people or large tech giants that want to make their products better, consequently resorting to collecting your data.

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In order to prevent this, you do need to invest in something that can help shield your privacy and increase your security while you are online. But are traditional VPN services actually the most optimal solution? That is up for debate and ultimately – up to you, the user.

In this article we will be introducing dedicated VPN servers and actively comparing them with standard VPN service providers in order to see whether they are a viable alternative and check whether they are a worthwhile investment.

Shared vs Dedicated IP address

Traditional VPN companies provide their users with access to their servers worldwide. However, they do this through giving each user access to those servers using the same IP address, meaning that clients are essentially sharing it amongst themselves. This can potentially have some negative consequences down the line should a given user decide to do something that is deemed bad or illegal. Such actions could result in the IP address being restricted from having access to a given website or resource and in some cases – the address can even be permanently banned.

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With a private VPN server, you get a special dedicated IP address, which you are not required to share with anyone else. Given that this is a VPS-hosted VPN server, it means that you will have the entire server just for yourself and the IP is less likely to get flagged or become restricted (unless you intentionally perform such actions). The important thing to remember here is that you will not have to face the consequences of other users’ actions.

Number of connected devices

Standard VPN service providers will allow you to connect only a limited number of devices through your service. While not impossible, having more simultaneously connected devices is an additional feature that you need to pay extra for in order to get. In comparison, dedicated VPN servers enable you to have an unlimited number of connections as these server plans are only constrained by the total amount of available bandwidth that you have at your disposal. Furthermore, this is already included as a feature and you will not be required to pay anything else in order to set up and introduce a new device to the network.

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Privacy control and transparency

Traditional VPN services state that they will never log user data and keep track of traffic. However, in recent years, many cases have surfaced, where these promises have been broken and quite the opposite has happened – users have had their data collected and afterwards – sold.

With a private VPN server, you are in complete control over the system’s settings and configuration, meaning that the provider will not be able to access your account or information, allowing you to remain completely anonymous while protecting your privacy.Moreover, companies like VPSBG, which want to remain fully transparent, use only open-source VPN protocols and also provide access to their custom-made scripts in order to ensure customers that their data is safe and protected.

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Server location

With a dedicated VPN server, you only get a single unit at one particular geographical location and inside one country. This means that you will not be able to change countries with a click of a button like you can do with traditional VPN service providers. Because of this, you need to choose the VPN-hosting country carefully as you do not want to miss out on access to different types of content.

In spite of this, it is important to remember that your privacy is the most important thing that you need to consider and protect and you should not risk exposing it just for the sake of having access to multiple countries.

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You need to protect your privacy

There are a number of differences between traditional VPN services and dedicated VPN servers, with both having their own advantages and drawbacks. Ultimately, it is absolutely vital to protect yourself in this day and age and choosing to utilize any VPN protection method is of the utmost importance, regardless if you decide to go for either of the two options.