Top Smart Thermostats of 2022 

 October 5, 2022


Have you replaced your ordinary thermostat with a smart one yet? Because it’s probably time to do that. It’s not just about the fad revolving around these devices, but in this day and age if you’re not making use of the technology that is so readily available, and affordable, then what are you even doing?

Why You Should Get a Smart Thermostat

Other than making use of the technology that’s readily available to you, there are more reasons why you should consider installing a smart thermostat in your home.

  1. Automatic

Like all smart devices, a smart thermostat also features the associated mobile app that makes it accessible from our smartphones, and tablets and even enables voice control over the device. These devices are set up with settings already available, and they are also manageable through their mobile apps. And because they connect to the home Wi-Fi, it makes them remotely accessible. That is the first factor of automation.

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Secondly, all smart thermostats come with different features, but most of them have these in common: Motion detection and location tracking.  With features like these, the devices can automatically turn themselves on or off, or to an eco-friendly temperature setting to cut back on energy wastage.
2. Energy Efficient

With automation comes energy efficiency. As we mentioned above, because of features like motion detection, certain smart thermostats have the ability to turn themselves off or to eco-friendly temperatures in order to prevent unnecessary energy usage. All thanks to built-in motion sensors and even phone location tracking. This comes in handy when you forget to turn off the thermostat, so by the time you check the app for the status, it’s already off.
3. Cost-Effective

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So because of the automation and energy-efficient features of smart thermostats, homeowners will witness a significant reduction in their heating and cooling bills! It’s a win-win. That means even if the device is expensive, it essentially pays for itself in the long term.

Best Smart Thermostats Available

Honeywell Home T9

One of the best smart thermostats for domestic households is the Honeywell Home T9 Smart Thermostat. The latest of its kind, the T9 can be paired with an additional Smart Room Sensor which can adjust individual room temperatures to keep everyone cozy.

Here’s what you can expect from the T9 smart thermostat. The T9’s settings and controls are manageable through the Honeywell Home mobile app. And it is because of the app that the device knows whenever you’re home or away – so that it may turn itself down while no one’s home. But with that, the T9 also learns the preferred temperature settings of the household in order to adjust itself accordingly. How cool is that?

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But what’s even cooler though, is that the device can differentiate between when someone is just passing by or is there to stay in the room for a while; this way it won’t unnecessarily switch on when you’re only fetching something from the room.

Other than that, the T9 sends alerts whenever any filter needs a change or cleansing. These alerts cover everything in the HVAC system including the dehumidifier filter, the humidifier pad and clean tank, and any UV bulbs in the system. (For more information on this, check out https t9 honeywellhome com).
Google Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat, according to independent studies has been known to reduce 10% to 12% of your home heating bills, and 15% of the cooling bills. These numbers point out a significant reduction in your monthly billing over time, but if this isn’t enough to convince you that this is one of the best smart thermostats to exist, then maybe these will.

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The Nest Thermostat connects to the home Wi-Fi, and through Google Home, app users can adjust the temperature settings from their smartphones, tablets, and even laptops. But here’s an additional feature that you may not find built into pretty much any smart thermostat: a built-in voice assistant – the Google Assistant. So not only can you control the Nest Thermostat through its app, but also through voice-enabled control!

Furthermore, similar to the T9, the Nest Thermostat can learn your preferred temperature settings and program itself throughout the day, but the device also knows when you’re not home, and turns itself down in order to avoid wasting energy. Its mobile application also features an ‘Energy History’ which can be used to track energy usage and what affected it in order to understand better how you can cut back on wastage.

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Adding Smart Sensors

Both, the Honeywell Home T9 and the Google Nest Learning Thermostat feature their own smart sensors. These additional sensors are bought separately but what they are meant for is to install in separate rooms so that the temperature can be adjusted to each room individually. Makes the home cozy for everyone!

You can find these smart thermostats and their smart sensors right here at

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