The Ultimate Guide to John Jones’ Net Worth: How Much is the MMA Fighter Worth in 2021? 

 April 21, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to John Jones’ Net Worth: How Much is the MMA Fighter Worth in 2021?

John Jones, also known as Bones, is a former professional mixed martial artist from the United States. He is one of the most successful fighters in the history of the sport, having won numerous titles and awards throughout his career. Despite some controversies, Jones has managed to maintain a loyal fan base and a high net worth. In this ultimate guide, we’ll explore John Jones’ net worth, his career highlights, and other interesting facts about the fighter.

1. Who is John Jones?

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John Jones was born on July 19, 1987, in Rochester, New York. He grew up in a family of wrestlers, with both of his brothers also becoming professional fighters. Jones started his MMA career in 2008 and quickly rose to fame thanks to his impressive skills and athleticism. He fought in several prestigious promotions, including the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), where he won multiple championships.

2. What is John Jones’ net worth?

As of 2021, John Jones’ net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. Most of his income comes from his fighting career, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. However, Jones has had some legal issues in the past, which have impacted his earnings. Nevertheless, he remains one of the wealthiest fighters in the sport.

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3. What are John Jones’ career highlights?

John Jones has had an illustrious career, winning multiple championships and breaking numerous records. Some of his most notable triumphs include:

– Winning the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship in 2011 at the age of 23, becoming the youngest champion in UFC history
– Defeating Daniel Cormier, one of his toughest rivals, twice in 2015 and 2017
– Winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship after defeating Mauricio Rua in 2011
– Holding the record for the most successful title defenses in UFC light heavyweight history with eight defenses
– Being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2021

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4. What are some interesting facts about John Jones?

– John Jones went to college to study criminal justice but dropped out to pursue MMA full-time.
– Jones is known for his unorthodox fighting style, including moves such as spinning elbows and modified front kicks.
– Jones has been involved in several legal controversies, including a hit-and-run incident in 2015 and multiple failed drug tests.
– Despite his legal troubles, Jones is widely regarded as one of the most talented fighters in MMA history.

5. What is John Jones’ current status?

John Jones announced his retirement from the sport in 2020, citing issues with the UFC and his desire to focus on other pursuits. However, he has since hinted at a potential comeback, and fans are eagerly awaiting his return to the octagon. Jones is currently enjoying life outside of fighting, spending time with his family and pursuing his interests in art and business.

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6. How has John Jones’ net worth changed over time?

John Jones’ net worth has fluctuated over the years, primarily due to his legal issues and controversies. However, his earning potential has remained strong thanks to his talent and popularity, and he continues to be one of the highest-earning fighters in the sport. In recent years, Jones has focused on building his legacy outside of fighting through business ventures and charitable work.

7. What is the future of John Jones’ net worth?

While it’s difficult to predict the future of John Jones’ net worth, there’s no doubt that he will remain a prominent figure in the MMA community. With his talent and charisma, Jones has the potential to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur, expanding his portfolio beyond fighting. Additionally, if he decides to make a comeback, Jones has the potential to earn a significant amount of money through sponsorships and pay-per-view revenue.

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1. What is John Jones’ full name?

John Jones’ full name is Jonathan Dwight Jones.

2. What is John Jones’ Nationality?

John Jones is an American citizen.

3. When did John Jones retire?

John Jones announced his retirement from MMA in 2020.

4. How many titles has John Jones won?

John Jones has won numerous championships throughout his career, including UFC Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight titles.

5. What is John Jones’ record in MMA?

John Jones has a professional MMA record of 26 wins, one loss, and one no contest.

6. When was John Jones inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame?

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John Jones was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2021.

7. What is John Jones’ business?

John Jones has started several businesses, including a CBD oil company and an art gallery.


John Jones is one of the most successful fighters in MMA history, with a net worth of $10 million. Despite some legal controversies, Jones has remained a beloved figure in the MMA community, thanks to his skill and charisma. While he has retired from the sport, Jones’ legacy continues through his businesses and charitable work. As fans eagerly await his potential comeback, it’s clear that John Jones’ net worth will remain a topic of interest in the world of MMA.

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