The Great Resignation has spurred a renewed interest in skill-building and branching out to discover new marketable interests. When starting over or just starting from scratch, attempting to learn software development may seem daunting.

There are many developer bootcamps available at varying price points. Many bootcamps require a year or more of coding study and make no guarantees as to whether or not an attendee will fully be ready for a lucrative job placement upon completion. In addition, many are prohibitively expensive for someone just getting started in their software development journey.

These are just a few reasons why Aaron Jack and Jan Frey have developed Freemote, a seven week course that is designed to help developers go from beginner to expert.

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Education without the time commitment of a Master’s

Whenever people decide they want to learn a new skill, add to their resume, start their own business, or get a better job, the required time commitment can often seem staggering. The average Master’s degree can take up to two years to complete, and the price tag that comes with obtaining one tends to be hefty. People of all kinds may desire to learn how to sharpen their coding skills, but simply do not have two years — or tens of thousands of dollars — to give in exchange.


Setting themselves apart

What sets Freemote apart from other coding bootcamps is their “Learn and Earn Strategy”. Over the short seven weeks of instruction, Freemote guides students in the software development process and finding a lucrative career after the class’s completion.

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Freemote stresses how imperative it is to choose wisely when looking for a development niche. Students are prompted to focus on a booming niche, not one that may have been hot 10 to 15 years ago.

Another area where Freemote separates itself from the pack is its narrow focus. The problem with other coding boot camps is their broad curriculum. In a year, they seek to teach hopeful developers everything coding-related under the sun. Freemote narrows their student’s focus, allowing them to zero-in on one aspect of development for eventual mastery. This focus can also make students more appealing to hiring managers seeking specific skill sets.

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Other boot camps may supply students with manufactured scenarios to help them practice development skills. Freemote, on the other hand, encourages working on real-world projects. In doing so, a would-be developer can then illustrate that they can handle real-world situations, which are often far more complex than manufactured situations.

The last step of the “Learn and Earn Strategy” involves leveraging the real-world situations the developers worked on throughout the course, using them to gain employment. With a narrow focus on skills and choosing a niche, Freemote students are in an excellent position to gain lucrative jobs in the development field. Many Freemote students have reported through reviews that they landed quality positions or freelance contracts shortly after finishing the Freemote course.

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Fabulous Feedback and a Novel Approach

The Freemote “Learn and Earn Strategy” reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. The Freemote course has shown to be very effective in changing the trajectory of people’s careers. Freemote has a novel approach to developer training; one that is earning them rave reviews as well as tangible results on behalf of their students.

It’s resoundingly clear that people are seeking something new. They are looking to follow a new employment path and seeking the fastest way to follow that dream. Freemote’s seven-week course and “Learn and Earn Strategy” seem perfectly placed for this moment in time.