Buying  Japanese used cars is the most acceptable option for many, since the cost of transport is much cheaper than a new one. Used cars let you buy a fairly new car for a cheap price. Since in Japan after 3 years, rather high taxes are established on the car, it is easier to sell the car than to servу it. The main thing is to undergo regular service and make repairs on time.

To date, there are several options for purchasing a car — contacting an authorized dealer, in a car dealership specializing in the sale of used cars. The most reliable option is an official dealer, for example, Best People Movers. In this case, there is a chance to get detailed truthful information about the car, its advantages and disadvantages. Some dealers even offer a short-term warranty on their own. True, the price of such a car will be much higher than in other options.

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Japanese car imports for sale are undoubtedly a good decision for novice car enthusiasts who want to gain experience. The benefits are the following:

  • Saving money due to the fact that a used car is much cheaper than a new one.
  • Saving money on maintenance — there is no need to undergo regular maintenance exclusively at an authorized dealer, the ability to contact a universal car service.
  • Less chance of theft.
  • The possibility of acquiring a car of a higher class for the same amount of money.
  • With proper maintenance and care, the car retains its consumer qualities for a long time.
  • Large selection — the used car market offers for sale many cars that are not available from official dealers or in trim levels that they do not have.
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Unfortunately, you cannot buy a car and immediately drive it, as in the domestic car market. It is necessary to wait until she arrives at the port. The speed of transportation directly depends on the logistics company

Advantages of Japanese used cars

Most often, people think about buying a car when they have a certain amount of money on hand. Japanese car imports for sale are actively gaining momentum. The main reason is the durability and rich basic equipment of Japanese cars. The main distinguishing characteristic of Japanese cars is the right-hand drive. Among the other advantages you can find:

  • a complete and clean history, even with fixation at which service station and for what reason the car was serviced;
  • the mileage value is true, since its adjustment on the odometer is criminally punishable;
  • the equipment is rich and varied;
  • the vast majority of cars have automatic transmission and climate control;
  • engines are powerful, reliable and work absolutely fine on the 92nd brand of gasoline;
  • Japanese people change cars every few years, so they are not worn out, but perfectly run in.
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It should be remembered that the best option is a car up to 5-7 years old and with a mileage of no more than 80-100 thousand km. Otherwise, the cost of maintaining the ‘new’ may be many times higher than its original price. Best People Movers will help you to choose the car which is the best for you and will provide you all the information and details about each car.