Tourists are usually interested in many things in Cyprus – local picturesque landscapes, peculiarities, cuisine, events, parties, festivals, etc. However, almost every tourist eventually gets back to their Airbnb apartment or villa and starts looking for some quieter fun, mostly on their phone or laptop. Some try to immediately find the best online casinos in Cyprus while others just browse YouTube. Is there anything else to do online? Actually, it is!

Being abroad means one can not only experience new things offline but also online! In this post, we will discuss five ways to find unusual entertainment online when visiting Cyprus.

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Local Series & Movies

One thing to consider in the first place is that many shows or movie streaming media may not be available to tourists when in Cyprus, because of the license. One may use VPN, of course, but why bother if one can try and find local movies or TV shows (or even YouTube shows by local vloggers).  The point is that this way, tourists can find out more not about the ancient history or culture of Cyprus, which is definitely rich, but also about the current culture, art, social issues, etc. Local shows may be weird and unusual, but they are definitely fun to check out. The impression of immersion into the country’s reality will be way brighter.

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Dating Apps

This may be a weird recommendation, but using dating apps to meet locals for a coffee or a beer may be really fun. You don’t have to actually date them and marry them and have children with them right away. In fact, many modern apps have this option of finding a person just to socialize, go out, visit a museum, or a pub. One just has to be really honest about their goals, and communicate clearly what exactly they are looking for. And secondly, one should for sure be careful, never reveal any sensitive information about self to strangers, and never go alone with strangers to places they are not sure about. But if the safety measures are taken and an adequate local stranger is found to have a cup of coffee, this can be a fun and entertaining adventure!

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Local Social Media Bloggers

You can use geolocation options on social media or just look around for geographic hashtags or local hashtags, to find local bloggers that actually live in Cyprus. Surprisingly, you can find out lots of interesting things from them, including local lifestyle, behavior, social rules you had no clue about, small restaurants or bars you would never find on your own, nuances about cuisine, cool places around the city, spots where to buy particular local stuff, and many other interesting and useful things. Even if you don’t understand what local bloggers tell in their stories, you can try and browse through their check-ins, vacations, recommended places, highlights, etc. This approach may give you more ideas about where to go and what to buy than the best travel agency.

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Online Gambling

One must be really bored in Cyprus if they start looking for online casino platforms for real money betting, but just in case you want that, you will easily find many sites that offer slots, table games, and even Love Dealer games. Cyprus does not seem to regulate online gambling that much, at least at the time of writing this, and this means that the number of available sites is huge, but this also means that the potential customer should be careful and choose the site for betting real money with the utmost attention.

Video Games

For extremely bored tourists that are tired of the beauties of Cyprus’ beaches and landscapes, its delicious cuisine, and other attractions, video games can be the perfect option to spend some time alone, just doing something exclusively for oneself. Most video gaming platforms are available to access from Cyprus, but just in case you can’t enter your account, just use a VPN. This is the best evening online entertainment for all the introverts spending their vacation in Cyprus and having to deal with many people in their hotel, on the beach, or in other public places. Playing your favorite video games will help you relax and live through all the bright and noisy offline entertainments of the day.

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