In order for Business-to-Business (B2B) agencies to succeed, they must understand the unique needs of their client’s companies. Building, developing, and fine-tuning a brand’s strategy — however new or established it may be — requires a high degree of business acumen and a mentality rooted in strategic coordination to drive mutual success.

Planning and aligning a brand’s strategies with its businesses goals in the space is indeed challenging, often far more so than the ‘normal’ scope of business operations. For these reasons, we are pleased to announce that the award of Top B2B Agency in Florida for 2022 is presented to Otter Public Relations.

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Founded just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Otter PR is a shining example of what it takes for B2B agencies to excel in today’s world. Despite the challenges faced by businesses throughout the pandemic, Otter PR has showcased strong B2B capabilities leading to phenomenal results for their domestic and international clients alike in the realm of media.

The award for Top B2B Agency in Florida is presented for a committed dedication to growing brands with meaningful values, supportive social responsibilities, as well as the tenacity necessary to grow and thrive in an ever-competitive landscape. For each recipient of the award, multiple factors are considered in ensuring each candidate’s credibility, experience, and long-term vision.

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Otter PR encompasses the results-driven mentality that one would expect of any successful company in the B2B space. In working with businesses looking to build their brand across a multitude of digital avenues, Otter PR takes a specific, consistent, and measured approach to understanding each client’s story, carefully crafting brand messaging and strategy to achieve win after win. While bringing a people-oriented approach to industries as results-oriented as that of public relations is a daunting challenge, Otter PR has been able to meet this challenge with a smile.

To this extent, Otter PR has met — if not exceeded — all criteria to meet the title that comes with this year’s award.

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The Award for Top B2B Agency in Florida is one that comes with widespread recognition from the state’s business community, and few B2B agencies are as deserving of this recognition as Otter PR. The company’s experienced team of media professionals drives its results—results that are manifested in the words of Otter PR’s own clientele. The notion of “business-to-business” is exemplified by the company receiving this award each year. We would be remiss to present this award to any agency other than Otter PR given its commitment to delivering consistently high value to clients through its B2B initiatives.