What is IM Academy? 

IM Academy is an online education platform that teaches students from all over the world information regarding the financial markets. At IM Academy, students are equipped with resources to help them understand price action, market trends, and more within the markets. Students gain access to over 100 educators, who teach via goLIVE sessions, as well as hundreds of pre-recorded videos that the students can watch at their own pace, and in their preferred language. IM Academy also offers a range of apps that complement everything the students have learned – to take with them on the go.

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What is IM Academy NOT?

IM Academy is not an investment firm, it does not accept investments of any kind, nor does IM Academy place trades for anyone. IM Academy does not give investment advice, and they do not make personalized recommendations. IM Academy does not allow students under the age of 18 to enroll. 

IM Academy is an online platform that provides students with financial education.


Who can enroll in IM Academy? 

Anyone over the age of 18 years old with access to the internet and a smartphone, tablet, or computer can enroll. The Academy is designed with everyone in mind. From students just beginning their education journey to students who already have a foundational understanding and want to elevate their skills with educators, the classes that IM Academy offers are designed with everyone in mind.

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What else does IM academy offer? 

While FOREX education is what IM Academy focused on in the beginning, the Academy is always expanding into other verticals; now offering courses that educate its students on Cryptocurrency through its DCX Academy, as well as the e-commerce market with its ECX Academy. If you decide to enroll in any of those Academies, you can also benefit from a wide range of Apps, pre-recorded classes, and live video sessions with IM Academy’s goLIVE platform.

IM Academy is dedicated to helping students from all over the world get educated and gain access to the financial markets. From students just beginning their education journey to those looking for new skills, IM Academy offers classes that are designed with everyone in mind! Visit im.academy to learn more!

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