Would you like to know how to clean a glass top stove and make it shine? Read on to learn what you need to know on the subject.

While glass top stoves have become the new normal in many households, figuring out how to clean these modern culinary marvels is a skill that can elude even the most competent housekeepers.

How are you supposed to take care of sticky, cooked-on messes without scratching your cooktop? And if you’re not supposed to use glass cleaner on a glass top stove, then what products can you use?

If you’re struggling to keep your glass stovetop clean, don’t panic! We’re here to help. Here is everything you need to know about how to clean a glass top stove.

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How to Clean a Glass Top Stove: A Step-By-Step Guide

Before getting into this glass top stove cleaning guide, take a few moments to gather the supplies you’ll need to get your stove looking new again. Fortunately, there’s a good chance you already have everything you need lying around your kitchen.

To clean your glass top stove, you’ll need:

  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Towels
  • At least two microfiber cloths

Depending on your level of mess, you may also need a razor to assist in taking care of cooked-on or sticky spots.

Step 1: Baking Soda and Vinegar

While there are plenty of fancy cleaning products for this specific purpose, you don’t need them to clean a glass top stove.

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Start by spraying or wiping down your stovetop with white vinegar. Your goal is to cover the surface completely, so don’t be stingy! Once you coat your stove in vinegar, sprinkle the entire surface with baking soda.

Finally, wet a few kitchen towels with hot water, ring them out, and carefully lay them over the baking soda and vinegar.

Step 2: Wait

With the towels in place, it’s time to play the waiting game.

While baking soda and vinegar are highly effective cleaning agents, they still need a bit of time to break down grease and difficult messes. So, walk away from your stove and wait at least 15 minutes before continuing.

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Step 3: Wipe It Clean

Finally, once you’ve given the baking soda and vinegar a chance to do their job, it’s time to wipe everything away.

Start with a regular, damp kitchen towel to clear away the baking soda and scrub any trouble spots. Then use a little more vinegar and a microfiber cloth to take care of any streaky spots and another clean microfiber cloth to buff it dry.

Bonus Step: Use a Razor

If you have any particularly difficult to get up messes that the baking soda and vinegar can’t seem to soften up, you might need a little extra muscle to get the job done.

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A razor is a perfect tool for gently peeling up baked-on spills if you’re extremely careful. If you want to try this method, hold the razor at a 45-degree angle and do not apply too much pressure, or you could risk scratching your stovetop.

If you want to try scraping off messes with a razor, do it after wiping off the baking soda and before the final wipe down and shine.

Step 4: Maintain With Daily Cleaning

Odds are, you use your stovetop almost every single day. So, you should be showing it a little bit of love every day too! The deep cleaning method outlined above is a great way to get your stovetop looking new. However, if you want to keep it that way, you should try to take the time to clean it regularly.

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Wiping down your stovetop with some hot water and vinegar and wiping it down with a microfiber cloth every time you use it will prevent the build-up of hard-to-clean messes and keep your stove looking sparkly clean.

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Time to Get Cooking!

Now that you know how to clean a glass top stove, you’ll be able to keep your stove shiny, stain-free, and ready for cooking!

Are you looking for more housekeeping advice? We’ve got you covered! Check out the rest of our blog for more helpful articles today!

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