With the digital revolution of the past decade and cutting-edge advancements in technology, the legal sphere has become increasingly complex and multifaceted. This includes the entertainment industry, in which its professionals require legal services for nearly every aspect. Now we are going to tackle why a music professional or other individual in the entertainment industry may ever need a legal consultation from an entertainment attorney. To learn more, we will get into the specifics below.

How an Entertainment Lawyer Can Help a Singer, Song Composer, or Other Music Professional

In legal terms, a singer, song composer, or lyricist, are all music professionals who fall into the category of creative individuals who design and create. In the language of the law, their intellectual skills and qualities have value. These individuals are able to use their talents to create songs and lyrics, and their creative minds further revolutionize the music industry.
Because not everyone is creative and can think outside the box, theft of copyrighted intellectual property is unfortunately common within the industry. This is one reason why a music industry lawyer can be so valuable to professionals in the entertainment industry.

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When someone writes a song or performs the concert live, there are many reasons why they might require the assistance of a competent music lawyer. Regardless of whether one requires protection from the unscrupulous types in the industry who try to make money off of their intellectual property unlawfully or one needs to ensure that their recording contract properly protects their interests, it is imperative to consult a legal professional. On this note, here are some of the ways that entertainment attorneys can help music professionals in the industry.

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How Do Entertainment Lawyers Assist Music Professionals?

Legal advisors who represent musicians can perform various essential services, including reviewing contracts, pursuing contentious matters in court, and negotiating business deals. In general, legal professionals who work in the entertainment industry can sorted into two basic camps:

  • Negotiators: The ones who arrange deals or other transactions and help set the terms of contracts
  • Litigators: The ones who pursue contentious matters in court and deal with these kinds of issues when any problems arise
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Ways How an Entertainment Lawyer Handles Musical Cases in Court

If you or someone you know is facing real-life trouble in the music domain, here are some of the ways how a legal professional can assist in the matter:

1. Work of a Negotiator

A lawyer who focuses on negotiation will be more transactional and may spend most of their time on hashing out the specifics of clients’ deals. These deals may include management contracts, publishing arrangements, record deals, concert promotion terms, and deals concerning booking agents.

With their specific focus on legal terms and the ramifications of deals, the negotiator often maintains professional relationships with the record label heads, managers, publicists, and other prominent industry figures. This allows them to skillfully navigate legal waters on behalf of their clients.

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Legal professionals who focus their practice on the negotiating domain of the industry will know the importance of a contract’s finer deal points and be sure to keep the client’s best interests in mind.

Because contracts often strongly favor the label, legal practitioners sift through the fine print carefully on clients’ behalf. In addition, they can help a new music artist to understand the business, its benefits, and even the downsides of entering some agreements. 

2. Work of a Litigator

The litigator’s focus is on helping the client if a legal dispute arises during their career. These music attorneys identify the legal issues in the given conflict, and they also aim to resolve these problems through litigation, arbitration, and mediation.

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Litigators understand all the ins and outs of contracts and intellectual property law. They are knowledgeable about filing lawsuits, arguing motions, and drafting pleadings.

Best Time to Hire a Music Lawyer

Negotiating a contract for the first time

It is important to seek legal assistance before negotiating the terms of a contract for the first time. In such scenarios, the music lawyer will review the contract before you sign your agreement.

In most agreements, failure to understand the terms can have critical consequences. This is why you need a practitioner who has extensive experience in intellectual property cases and focuses on the recording domain.

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When working with labels or other artists

Music lawyers work for other parties within the entertainment field, as well. They also work for firms that have experience representing labels and artists. If you do not personally know a music attorney whom you can contact, you can ask other people you know in the industry.

Now that you have learned the job of a music Entertainment Lawyer, be sure that you hire a reputable legal practitioner when you need assistance.