In Poland, the functioning of real gambling halls, arcades, and rooms is strictly monitored. You can find very large gambling halls and betting shops, although the choice of entertainment is not that big.

Perhaps that is why the term “legalne polskie kasyno online” is so popular among players from Poland. Excellent service, a wide range of offers, a lot of bonuses from operators and high-end security measurements – you can hardly find that in a land-based casino.

What the Gambling Authorities Have to Say in Poland

Recently, it was announced in Poland that the government intends to seriously change the measures to combat illegal slot machines. The change in measures is aimed at tightening and strengthening the control over the installation of slot machines.

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This is due to the fact that illegal gambling in the country, namely slot machines, according to research, is more than 150 000 Euro. Due to increased measures to control the gambling market, the Polish authorities decided to monopolize most of the country’s gambling business. The number of the new monopoly should include mainly slot machines, as well as bookmakers and casinos.

In April 2017, a new law on gambling and the fight against illegal gambling came into force in Poland. According to this law, the manufacture of gaming machines and the receipt of revenue from them were regulated.

Thus, the national defense company PGZ is responsible for the production of any slot machines and slots. However, the proceeds from the use of machines in the country can only be received by a state gambling company called Totalizator Sportowy. Such measures, according to Polish authorities, will allow for clearer regulation of gambling in the country over time.

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The bill was passed by the lower house of the Polish Parliament in December 2016. The law also allows the country’s authorities to increase the taxes that the state receives from legal gambling.

Why All the Sudden Measurements at iGaming?

The main reason for the adoption of such a new law was the fact that honest bookmakers and representatives of the gambling business, who regularly paid taxes to the country’s treasury, began to record serious losses.

Due to the extensive illegal activities of black bookmakers, extremely unfavorable conditions began to arise for bookmakers with open revenues. Data from the Polish Association of Betting House Employers and Employees shows that the country’s budget has annual losses of € 1.4 billion, representing potential tax revenues from their activities.

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Therefore, the Polish authorities intend to eliminate unfair competition between bookmakers and casinos, which operate openly and regularly pay taxes and fees to the state treasury.

Conclusion – The Struggle to Keep the iGaming Streets Clean

Legalization of the gambling sector does not mean that the country has also liberalized the gambling market at the same time. Previously, only online sports betting was allowed in Poland, but after the adoption of legislative amendments, online casinos and online poker on the network also became legal.

As for bingo, so far there is not a single site in the country that specializes in this game. At the same time, Polish authorities are actively fighting against illegal operators.

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All online gambling sites and their mobile versions operating in Poland without a license are blocked and blacklisted. Moreover, the gambling tax rate of 12% in Poland is one of the highest in Europe.