The demand for MBA is on the rise. Yet, deciding to pursue an MBA degree is one thing; choosing the kind of MBA program you want is another. So, how does one decide between different types of MBA?  For starters, it’s necessary to understand the different types of MBA degrees universities offer and see if they’re in line with what you’re hoping to achieve by the end of your degree.

Knowing what each MBA program focuses on will help you steer your professional life in the right direction. So let’s take a look at the different types of MBA degrees:

1.     General MBA

A general MBA offers knowledge of a broad spectrum of business and management, which focuses on both theoretical and practical knowledge. It’s a degree designed for learners who want to learn basic and advanced skills in business and management. General MBA is a full-time course with classes held by the university throughout the year.

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2.     EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration)

An executive MBA is designed for experienced working professionals wanting to improve their knowledge of business and management and refine their skillset while maintaining their full-time jobs. EMBA students can stay in their current positions while attending classes online. Meanwhile, in-person classes are usually offered on weekends and are generally fast-paced.

3.     Specialized MBA

As the program title suggests, specialized MBA offers a much deeper insight into your chosen field. The most popular courses for this program include Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. Specialization in the field of business can also increase the chances of finding the desired job.

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4.     Distance Learning MBA

Perfect for those seeking a virtual alternative, distance learning MBA offers everything an MBA program has to offer. Geographically, a student can be anywhere and still be able to enroll in an MBA program through universities with accredited MBA programs.

Choosing the Right MBA Program

Deciding on pursuing an MBA is a major game-changer. Different types of MBA degrees are being offered to students, and it all comes down to what is preferable for your current state of life and future career plans.

1. Your Current Career

Those who want to continue working while also earning their degree may find distance learning MBA suitable as classes are held online.

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Pursuing an EMBA would be best for those who already have experience of several years under their belt and still want to learn something new. It’s for working professionals looking to increase their job standing.

2. Future Career Planning

Ideally, for those who have yet to pursue their full-time careers, a General MBA offers students a chance to have job opportunities on a wider scale in the future. For people who want to explore different career paths in the future and have in-depth knowledge of an MBA concentration, a specialized MBA might be the best option.

Why Choose Antai College of Economics and Management?

Let’s take a look at what makes Antai College of Economics and Management (ACEM) the right fit for your MBA program.

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As one of the best business colleges in China, ACEM holds accreditation from three major international business school organizations: AMBA, EQUIS, and AACSB.

The different types of MBA degrees awarded by the university are internationally recognized, and students build a diverse network of connections, unlocking massive career opportunities. The university also provides scholarships to those showing great potential in their field. With ACEM’s globally recognized programs, students are also offered numerous internship opportunities and full-time jobs worldwide.

ACEM focuses on training its students with global perspectives of the business world. It’s the only business school on the Chinese mainland to be ranked in the top 100 in Financial Times Global Ranking for nine consecutive years. The university manages to give students an exceptional platform for networking. To know more about Antai College of Economics and Management and its AACSB accredited MBA programs, click here:

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