Allan Jones Net Worth: Discover the Jaw-Dropping Fortune of The Check Into Cash Founder 

 March 24, 2023


Allan Jones, the founder of Check Into Cash, is among the successful business tycoons, making headlines for his incredible fortune. Born in the 1950s, Allan started his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, later launching his payday-lending venture after identifying a gap in the market. Today, he boasts an impressive net worth, placing him among the wealthiest individuals globally. In this blog post, we tell the story of Allan Jones’s fortune, highlighting his life, businesses, net worth, and impact.

Allan Jones’s Life:

Allan Jones started his business career at 15 years, working at his father’s credit bureau. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business, he got into the finance industry, opening his first business, Check Into Cash, in 1983. His entrepreneurial acumen propelled him to acquire other ventures, including the Jones Airways and the Hardwick Clothes. Throughout his career, Allan has had his fair share of challenges, including lawsuits and regulatory investigations, but he has weathered the storms to emerge successful and highly influential.

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Allan Jones’s Businesses:

Allan Jones’s most notable venture is the Check Into Cash, a payday-lending firm that he founded in Cleveland, Tennessee. The company has grown over the years, expanding to over 1000 stores across the United States. Besides, Allan Jones acquired a controlling stake at the Hardwick Clothes in 2014, a company that had been in existence for over a century. He also owned the Jones Airways, a private jet service that provides chartered flights for businesspeople and celebrities.

Allan Jones’s Net Worth:

Allan Jones’s net worth stands at a staggering $2.8 billion, according to Forbes. His payday-lending company alone brings in over $500 million annually. Allan’s stake at the Hardwick Clothes is estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars, and even though the Jones Airways ceased operations in 2021, he still retains some wealth from the sale of its assets. Allan’s impressive net worth ranks him among the wealthiest Americans, and his fortune continues to grow.

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The Impact of Allan Jones:

Allan Jones’s impact goes beyond his impressive fortune. He has been actively involved in philanthropic work, donating millions of dollars to various causes. He is a benefactor of several institutions, including the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, which received $10 million to support its sports business program. He also supported the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Tennessee, the Cleveland Bradley Soccer Association, among others. Allan has created employment opportunities for thousands of individuals, most of whom work in his Check Into Cash stores.


Q1: What is Allan Jones’s net worth?
A1: Allan Jones’ estimated net worth as of 2021 is $2.8 billion.

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Q2: What is the primary business of Allan Jones?
A2: Allan Jones is most well-known for founding the Tennessee-based payday-loan company, Check Into Cash.

Q3: What other businesses does Allan Jones own?
A3: Apart from Check Into Cash, Allan Jones is a controlling stakeholder in Hardwick Clothes that has been in business for over a century.

Q4: What are some of Allan Jones’s philanthropic efforts?
A4: Allan Jones has supported various causes, including the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Tennessee and donated $10 million to support the sports business program at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Q5: What challenges has Allan Jones faced in his career?
A5: Allan Jones has faced lawsuits, accusations of bad business practices, and regulatory investigations that have threatened his businesses’ operations over the years.

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Q6: How many Check Into Cash stores are there across the United States?
A6: Check Into Cash, founded by Allan Jones, has over 1000 stores across the United States.

Q7: What is the estimated annual revenue that Check Into Cash brings in?
A7: Check Into Cash, founded by Allan Jones, brings in over $500 million annually.


Allan Jones is among the most successful entrepreneurs globally, building his fortune through his astute business acumen. His ventures, including Check Into Cash, Hardwick Clothes, and Jones Airways, among others, have significantly contributed to his net worth and created employment opportunities for thousands of individuals. Asides from his financial success, Allan Jones has been actively involved in philanthropic work, donating millions of dollars to charities and supporting various causes. It is no wonder then that his impact extends beyond his wealth. Finally, Allan Jones’s journey shows that with hard work, determination, and sound investments, success is achievable.

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