Toboost eCommerce sale(s), one of the biggest challenges that most websites face is the conversion rate. 

Conversation rate can be calculated by dividing the number of visitors converted into customers by the total number of people who visited the eCommerce store. 

Last year, the global conversion rate was 2.58% across all devices. In addition, millions of people visit e-commerce stores every day, up to 2.58%.

But, how can you take this figure to the next level? How can your store attain the best conversion rate?

Well, these seven proven tips will help you attain your dream rate:

7 Tips to Improve eCommerce Conversion Rate

1.    Go easy on shipping

Shipping costs often make customers overturn their decisions.  So high shipping costs without discounts is a big no-no if you want to sell something on eCommerce.  

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So, it is always better to lower your shipping costs so that customers do not feel overburdened by them. 

You can use strategies such as “Free shipping for X purchases”. This tactic works wonders for Amazon. 

People are induced to buy more to avail free shipping on their orders. Such tactics not only increase your order value but also satisfies your customers. 

Thus, shipping costs are something every eCommerce website must look out for.

2.    Mention promo codes and deals

Every customer wants some rewards on their purchase. It can be cash backs, coupons or promo codes to help them avail some off on the item. 

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eCommerce websites that have a strict selling attitude never do as well as those that are flexible in their offerings. 

If you, too, are tight on margins, you can at least describe some benefits of purchasing with you. 

For example, quality assurance, 100% money-back guarantee for product defects, proper COVID shipping and handling, 24/7 customer service, etc.

Such indirect benefits make customers feel safe on your website. 

3.    Trust seals and SSL security is paramount.

Trust seal denotes that you are a verified entity. It shows that you are serious about your site’s security and do not hesitate to prove it to your visitors. 

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However, before getting a trust seal, you must make sure that it is from an authentic SSL provider. 

So, buy one, even if it is the cheapest SSL certificate, as it will work equally well for ensuring your store’s security.

Secondly, SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificates also play a vital role in keeping your website protected. 

They encrypt data transfer using the Public Key Infrastructure (Public, Private and Sessions keys) and keep cybercriminals away from the communication between your website and your user. 

SSL comes in three types, namely, a regular single-domain SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate and multi-domain ssl certificate. 

A regular SSL can only protect one domain at a time and cannot protect any subdomain alongside the primary domain for that you can get cheap Wildcard SSL from trusted provider.

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4.    Publish content based on your customer base

Content should be in sync with what your customers expect from you. Therefore, your content marketing strategy across all platforms should revolve around one main goal. 

Keep an integrated approach towards your content creations. Be it Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you must post stuff that focuses the customer’s attention towards one main goal. 

Moreover, keep your goals planned out in advance. Ask questions like, what do I want my customers to do? What impact do I want to leave on my customers with this content strategy?

5.    Let customers post their reviews.

Customer reviews have a huge impact on the potential buyer. If someone visits your store, they want to verify your credibility, and customer reviews pave the way for that. 

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You can post individual reviews under specific product pages so that customers know the experience of others before making their purchase. 

Moreover, mention all the details of the customers in the review (except their phone number, email and address). You can add a photo of them and their full name to let your visitors know that your reviews are genuine. 

6.    Improve page loading speed

The faster your page loads, the better your customer experience will be. 

In Google’s recent Page Experience Update, load time has been emphasized to rank a website on Google. 

If your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, your customers will likely bounce back, and Google will reduce your overall rankings. 

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Thus, as eCommerce store owners, we must reduce the load time by removing unnecessary plugins and fancy templates to make their site look beautiful. 

In 2021, no matter how beautiful your site looks from the outside, if it does not load in 3 seconds, it is bound to fail in the long run.

7.    Don’t add unnecessary stuff on the page.

Many site owners try to make their interface fancy by adding email and social media buttons. 

However, a call to action is important; it should not be the highlight of your page. You can mention it in footers but not on your product page. 

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Simple pages tend to do much better than the fancy ones as visitors focus on the product and not the fancy-looking chatbot or even buttons. 

The simple you keep your page, the more conversions you will get. 

To Conclude

Getting leads to convert into customers is one of the biggest challenges of 2021. 

Since the competition in the eCommerce spectrum is sky-high, website owners have to dig in deep to get themselves across more eyeballs. 

However, if you have an optimized website in place then, you can always market yourself in the right target segment to get results. 

But, if you do not have an optimized eCommerce store, you must follow these seven tips to build a customer-friendly store and market yourself to get your desired results. 

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Follow these seven steps and see your conversions blow through the roof.