What is the first and last product that everybody uses before and after going to bed? If your answer is toothpaste then you are wrong my friend. Don’t you wash your hands before brushing your teeth? Everyone does that right? So how can you forget that it is a soap that is the first and last product of a person’s routine? Due to its widespread use, there are multiple brands producing soaps. This increases the competition in the market which is challenging for every soap manufacturer.

However, you can complete your rivals if you come up with the most up-to-date marketing strategies. One of the most effective marketing strategies that are sure to give you a big hit in the market is using custom printed soap boxes for your soaps. In this article, you will be able to learn six easy ways to customize your soap boxes that will make your product stand out in the market and generate hefty amounts of money through sales.

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Reflect Your Values Through Your Packaging

The first thing you should consider is your company’s values; what does your company stand for? What are some of your core convictions? What else are you attempting to communicate, other than the business aspect? What exactly are you arguing for? What do you want your customers to take away from your products?

As a company producing a cleaning and skincare product, it is critical that your packaging reflects or represents your values i.e., how you want to promote cleanliness and a hygienic lifestyle. Whether it’s with a few phrases, the colours you choose for your packaging boxes, or the texture and style of the box, you can make a statement. Make certain that your soap box is printed in a way that the message you wish to put is conveyed through it.

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Box Style

Product presentation plays a significant role in building up a good brand reputation. The style of the packaging box is the backbone of an effective presentation. You can choose different packaging styles to make your soap products highly phenomenal.

Whatever type of design you use, you must ensure the feasibility of your soap products in the first place. For example, choose the best packaging design based on your soap size and shape.

Printing Technique


One of the major aspects of custom packaging is using graphics. You must do this job wisely otherwise you may have to face negative outcomes. To avoid such a situation, pay great attention to the printing. For this purpose, you must choose a suitable printing technique to get outstanding soap packaging. You may choose the following techniques as per your budget and requirements.

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·      Lithography

It is also referred to as offset or indirect printing technique. This is because this method involves an aluminium plate on which the prints are engraved that are transferred to the rubber rollers. These rollers then print the images on the packaging surface. This method gives high-quality image results; however, it is a costly method.

·      Flexography

It is also known as the onset or direct printing method. In this process, the rubber plates directly transfer the printing ink on the packaging sheets. It is advantageous for users as it is a budget-friendly method yet the image quality is less than that of lithography.

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·      Silk Screen Printing

It is a conventional method of printing. In this method, a mesh is used to transfer ink on the printing surface. It involves only one colour of ink at a time. It is a time-consuming method yet the results last longer. This method is convenient for both short as well as long-run projects.

·      Digital Printing

It is the most advanced method of printing. It is inexpensive for short-run projects yet is costly for long-run printing projects. The image results are satisfactory however matching suitable colours is a difficult task.

Ensure Product Identification


The packaging gives a product its unique personality. This is accomplished by using a few customizations such as alluring colours and hues, unique shapes, and aesthetically appealing graphic design to create a personalized and distinct packaging box. In today’s environment of fierce rivalry and product clutter, such identification and differentiation are vital for a product to be pop-up among other similar products on a retail store shelf.

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Packaging Material

The packaging material serves as a base of any packaging solution. Speaking of soap items, you must pay particular heed to choose the right medium. This is because soap products are insensitive to external conditions such as water. Therefore, you must get water-resistant soap packaging.

To provide a great shield against extraneous effects, you must use brawny packaging materials. These materials may include kraft and cardboard boxes. Brands use these boxes to get resilient packaging at a suitable cost.

Protection Of Products Against Environmental Factors

Your customized soap packaging must also ensure to protect the fragrance and maintain the texture of the soaps. The fragrance is the most anticipated quality of soap. The majority of customers and especially young girls and women tend to purchase soaps just because of their enchanting fragrances. Environmental factors such as humidity, high temperature, and moisture can ruin the texture and cut down the fragrance of the soaps.

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However, you may take care of this issue by using premium quality packaging material. The custom printed soap boxes that are made from cardboard or corrugated material often keep the soap bars safe from environmental factors. Additionally, you may seal the soaps in kraft paper sheets prior packing in the carboard box, the kraft or paper sheets can absorb the moisture and further maintain the textures and fragrance of your soaps.



Soap packaging is a crucial segment of your soap business. Without it, you cannot excel in your field. You must excellently design soap boxes so that your packaging solution would speak highly of your brand. Choose the right packaging medium and design it wisely so that your soap products will get splendid attention.

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