Developed by Misko Usui, Reiki is a form of energy healing that uses diverse symbols and palm movements to help an individual heal from physical, emotional or mental ailments. At the centre of Reiki healing is the belief that your body’s qi i.e., vital energy, has a huge impact on your overall well-being. Once this vital energy flowing through different bodily channels is balanced, you will be relieved of everything troubling your mind and body.

Like every other form of alternative medicine, Reiki is also governed by a set of principles. These principles form the basis of Reiki’s healing process. Also, it looks at human life “one day at a time” and sets guidelines that one can adopt and lead a peaceful and fulfilling life.

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Let’s look at what these principles are and arrive at a better understanding of Reiki therapy.

1.   Just For Today, I Will Not be Angry

Anger is an emotion capable of ruining your mental peace and relationship with the people around you. While this said negative emotion is not irrational, it can impact your life negatively.

Reiki therapy works with the belief that anger is the energy already present within your body, and external factors like an argument or an unpleasant circumstance can trigger it. So, to get rid of your anger, you need to release this energy. And how do you do it? By finding the root cause of this anger, i.e., where did it stem from?

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Rather than acting impulsively, one should introspect, sit with the thought for a while and give the anger that you are feeling proper reasoning. The moment you rationalise your anger, you become capable of dealing with it in a rational manner. And eventually, you let go of it and not have it ruin your mental peace and well-being for the longest time.

2.   Just For Today, I Will Leave My Worries Behind

We all have a lot of worries that weigh us down and it is while carrying this baggage we all lead our lives in misery. We are so future-oriented in our minds that we forget to live in the present. The distant future seems more real, and the present you live in is reduced to something inconsequential. It eventually loosens our hold over both our present and future.

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This act of worrying is also something that stems from within and multiplies when it comes in contact with tough competition, financial crisis, failures and other such factors. But you can reduce its intensity if you try to tackle or live one day at a time.

When you engage in Reiki practice, it helps you calm your body and mind and leave all your worries about the future behind. Even if you can live by this one day, you can shape your every day in a similar fashion and not have worries about your future hindering your present growth and well-being.

3.   Just For Today, I Will Be Grateful

If you are grateful for the small victories and moments of happiness rather than sulking about things that went wrong, imagine the kind of positivity with which you will lead your life. But instead, humans tend to focus on the negatives and have them ruin our happiness.

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This third principle of Reiki: Just For Today, I Will Be Grateful teaches us to be grateful for all things positive, be it having a secure job or simply spending quality time with our friends or family. When you are grateful for such things, life seems more satisfactory or worthwhile, and you get to live your everyday life with the kind of zeal and positivity that will take you places.

So go to sleep remembering the “good” and wake up feeling grateful for your life.

4.   Just For Today, I Will Be Honest

Honesty is one of the greatest virtues, but in this world where everyone is trying hard to get accepted, the road to honesty is never easy. You are forced to mould yourself as per the societal standards and, in the process, leave behind your honest, authentic self. This effort takes us far away from everything that makes us happy.

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So, this principle of Reiki demands us to lead our lives with honesty. It includes saying things you love, following your passion, and leading your life with utmost dedication without worrying about what others would say.

The moment you let your dreams and goals take control of your life, you will lead a satisfactory existence free from any regrets. So, be honest with yourself and choose the path that makes you happy rather than living by the irrational standards set by society.

5.   Just For Today, I Will Be Kind To Every Living Being

Be kind to yourself and the people around you, and you will take a step towards making this world a better place. This Reiki principle recommends that we as humans should lead our lives with kindness simply because it is a virtue that brings happiness into the lives of both parties involved.

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When you are kind to someone, it will make them at least a bit happier, and this happiness will radiate into your life and make you feel better. And therefore, this principle comes at the core of Reiki’s healing journey. So, to heal yourself, adopt kindness and practice it in your everyday life.

Time to adopt these principles into your life

Now that you are aware of these principles, there is no reason why you shouldn’t bring them into your life and make way for better living.

If you wish to bring these and other benefits of Reiki into your life, engage with Reiki Healing in Melbourne with us at Celestial Living. Get in touch with us today and know everything there is to know about Reiki Therapy.

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